Try a Small Living Christmas Tree

Thanks mom and dad for the great Christmas tree that will turn seven in December.

It’s not an artificial tree. My tree is a small living pine that lives on my porch 11 months a year. It’s still small enough to sit on a table over the holidays, which is perfect for our small place.

Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree will turn seven in December.

My parents ordered it from a company in Oregon (don’t remember the name) and it came fully decorated with lights. It’s in pot number three, outgrowing the first two. Thanks to a new pot in 2011, you can see it is healthy and growing.

Last December it graduated to a string of regular lights, as the originals were too short. I’ve started adding in my own small ornaments.

If you buy a miniature Christmas tree, purchase locally. My parents live in Central Iowa, but the harsh Midwest winters killed two trees from Oregon. This year they bought one from a local greenhouse, and dad reports it’s fairing much better.

The tree works well with my porch container garden – it adds variety to the coleus and begonias.

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