Ligularia Tries to Rule Its Bed

No plant in my garden grows bigger than the Britt-Marie Crawford Ligularia, and its second only to the Rodger’s Flower in drawing attention from garden guests.

Its huge leaves are the main attraction, as I sometimes call it the elephant ear plant. Slugs love the leaves, but they can’t munch them fast enough to keep up with the plant’s growth. The Ligularia blooms pretty yellow daisy-style flowers in mid summer.

Location is everything, and my Ligularia has nearly the perfect spot. It enjoys moist rich soil with shady conditions that includes a dose of afternoon sun. It’s reaches five feet tall and six feet wide. The flowers rise above the leaves.

Last summer, my Ligularia pushed out neighboring plants, so I halved it with a shovel in February. No problem, as it’s just as big as last summer. The Seattle climate is perfect for the plant, because the ground doesn’t freeze hard in the winter and our summers aren’t super hot.

I prune it back aggressively every two weeks so it doesn’t smother the neighbors. I’ve started planting Impatiens underneath to bring color to my garden floor.

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