Three Plants You Won’t Find in My Garden

Most gardeners have plants they won’t grow. I have three I over-planted on as a kid, so they don’t live in my yard. They are:



Lilacs – There were way too many in my parents’ yard. Nobody cared for them, so they took over and looked spindly. When I moved into my current garden, I immediately removed a rogue lilac that was choking neighboring shrubs. This is my neighbor’s lilac that grows a bit over my yard. After flowering, I’ll cut back on my side. The roots are stealing moisture from my neighboring flowerbed. Gggggrrrrrr….

Lilies of the Valley

Lilies of the Valley

Lilies of the Valley – My parent’s had a huge clump on the north side of their house. It was too much of the same thing, and trying to pull runaway Creeping Charlie from it sucked. This nice small clump of Lilies of the Valley resides in the Beacon Hill Garden.



Peonies – My parents had two in the backyard, and the blooms sprawled as ants climbed over them. This Peony is in the Beacon Hill garden. Curtis tried to grow one in the West Seattle garden, but it mysteriously didn’t survive.

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One Response to Three Plants You Won’t Find in My Garden

  1. crgardenjoe says:

    Wow. You’ve listed 3 plants that I have planted many of in my garden 🙂 I have a lot of shade, so lilies of the valley are one of my options, I’ve added lots of lilac varieties–white, blue, pink, mini–beyond the traditional purple ones, and numerous peonies.

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