Karen Binkhorst Inspires Me to Garden

Karen Binkhorst caught the gardening bug before me, and encourages and inspires me to create garden space. She’s been a true gardening friend, providing several plants to start my garden.

Karen Binkhorst

Karen Binkhorst

Karen is a personal chef, who runs a cool business – Home Meals with Karen. I highly recommend her food. When she’s not cooking or playing hockey, you can find her in a garden. A few years back, she best described a gardener.

“It’s that feeling of calm you get when you sink your hands into the earth,” she said.

I admire Karen’s gardening skills. Her front yard is a classic garden, while the huge back yard is an arboretum. She even took several gardening-related classes at South Seattle Community College.

When I started my West Seattle garden, I needed plants, and Karen opened her back yard to me. Her plants fill most of two beds.

One of her favorite plants is Solomon’s Seal. Thanks to her, I have an excellent patch of Solomon Seal’s and Fake Solomon’s Seal in my front yard. These are some of the plants in my garden that came from Karen.

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One Response to Karen Binkhorst Inspires Me to Garden

  1. kbinkhorst says:

    thanks steveo! Loved the shot from down under the Soloman”s Seal.

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