Starting the Garden Off Right with Daniel Kane

As a beginner, I needed help creating the foundation for my West Seattle garden six years ago. I loved the “blank canvass” yard, but had few ideas on how to begin from near scratch.

Love Daniel

Daniel Kane the karaoke host

Enter Daniel Kane – crazy karaoke host by night and creative, knowledgeable and hard-working gardener when he wakes up. You wouldn’t guess from his totally-gay-politically-incorrect karaoke show at a redneck-biker bar in Kent that Daniel is a serious gardener. He can sing, but more on that later.

If I gardened solo to start, you’d be looking at photos of boring, straight and thin beds. Daniel started teaching me the difference between a garden and a yard with plants. A garden needs to reflect your artistic side, and should be warm and appealing to guests.

Daniel insisted on bigger, swooping and more beds. As we dug up sod and weeds, he would remind me: “No hard edges.” When he noticed little sunny space for plants, he carved a new bed from the yard’s best grass.


Daniel gave my backyard garden a unique and inviting shape.

Gardening is also practical. In the front yard, I couldn’t walk from the front door directly to the driveway. No chance I would walk to the front sidewalk, down the sidewalk and back up the driveway every time I wanted to drive.

Daniel’s solution: concrete pavers. It took him two tries, but he got a perfect curving shape that is a unique path to the car. He made a potential problem into something useful and beautiful.

Three years ago, Daniel visited my garden for an afternoon party. It was the first time he’d seen it since the start.

“Steve, I give you an A plus for all the work you’ve done. It looks great,” he said. I didn’t care how the party went, as my day was made.

Front path

Daniel created this pathway from pavers that connects my porch to my driveway.

As for the karaoke career, you can catch Daniel performing regularly at the Nashville’s in Kent. I recommend his show if you are a karaoke fan, and I can safely say there is none like it. I don’t sing, but had a good time.

The night I went, his brother, Brick Kane, said we got the PG13 version. His mother was in the audience. I plan to head back to see the real show.

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