Lavender Mist – Thalictrum Rochebrunianum

If you like a tall and skinny beauty, Lavender Mist is perfect for your garden.

Blooms are seven feet high now, which is mighty impressive for a plant that starts each year in the ground. Its height is special, but its dark purple rubbery stem attracts guests. Few can resist touching it.

My Lavender mist is in its fifth summer. The thin, long stems are surprisingly hearty, as only one stem has ever snapped before blooming in my windy yard. Even then, the plant bloomed from where the stem snapped.

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The foliage is delicate and attractive, as leaves could be confused for Columbine. Just don’t make my mistake of spraying cold water on sun-splashed leaves, as you’llbe trimming damaged foliage.

Lavender Mist likes part sun and moist soil. It isn’t a primary plant for a bed, but it’s a beautiful low-maintenance accent.

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