Two Plants to Smell, One to Avoid

With a yard full of plants and flowers you can’t help noticing different smells.

Two flowers in my yard stand out for terrific fragrance, and one for is quite opposite. I planted only one.

In the smelling great category:

Honeysuckle: This is my neighbor’s vine, but it climbed over the fence to bloom nicely in my yard. It smells of honey with a hint of non-obnoxious perfume. “Oh my God that smells wonderful,” said my neighbor Nancy on the Fourth. I water more than my neighbor, so that could be a reason it’s climbing into my yard.

Sweet William “Sooty”: Its fragrance is subtle, but enjoyably clean and fresh. It was a “oh what the heck I’ll try this one” purchases at West Seattle Nursery three summers ago. It’s a biennial, so it didn’t bloom the first summer, but has been beautiful the last two. I’ll have to let flowers dry so it seeds itself. I love how the plant blooms in stages, as it has unique subtle look right before it blooms.

In the you don’t want to smell this category:

Voodoo Lily or Devil’s Tongue: This “ode to cattle lot” smelling flower is so nasty it attracts flies. The legend is it smells of death. On the flip side, it’s a seriously crazy flower and plant. The purple plastic-looking cone or Devil’s Tongue lasts less than a week. The stem is uniquely rubbery. Unfortunately, this year the plant fell over again right before blooming. I need to do a better job of spring watering to improve root strength.

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