My First Trip to an Indoor Garden Show

A lot a bit of everything related to gardening and then some were on display and for sale at the annual Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle.

Think quickly constructed plant mall with a county fair twist. Some of it’s kind of cool and generates ideas. I purchased a plant and fawned over outrageous orchids. But there’s that annoying indoor feeling accentuated by tacky garden ornaments and strange goods for sale. Hawking DirecTV and cookware sets at a gardening show, really?

We attended our first show two weeks ago with friends Rich Comer and Jim Johnson at the Washington State Convention Center. Half-day tickets cost $10 each. I’ll probably go again, but wouldn’t be upset to miss it.

The main attraction was themed-garden displays created by landscape designer. The labor-intensive garden sets were impressive, and reminded me that:

• Gardens can be built in a multitude of settings.  I tend to get stuck on the classic backyard.

• Rocks work well in gardens, and it’s time to make them part of mine.

• Plants, shrubs and trees need to fill different levels.

From one of the many nursery booths, I bought a Euphorbia Grifithii or Flaming Euphorbia root that now resides in my front yard. Results won’t be available for a year or two, but the plant made popular by actor Christopher Lloyd should spread and bring spring color. It resides in an area that’s notorious for killing perennials, including a different Euphorbia three years ago.

My favorite display was the Northwest Orchid Society. I saw varieties I never imagined with stunning shapes and colors. I plan to take my SLR camera to the society’s show in April. I used my Cannon ELPH at this show. The tiny camera is handy, but limiting.

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