Plants Start Early in Seattle’s Warm Spring

Spring Back Garden

My backyard perennials are off to a strong start this spring.

That Seattle feeling is back. I tried pulling weeds three times today, and was met with rain at each attempt. That’s been the week, but not this spring.

In my Seattle gardening years, I don’t remember a warmer and drier spring. The plants are digging it, and I’m no longer digging up the garden as I finished annual planting last week. That’s two or three weeks earlier than usual.

With two days breaking 80, Impatiens, Begonias and Coleus are planted and blooming. Usually it’s June before they flower consistently. Perennials are mostly ahead of schedule. Some early summer bloomers such as Spiderworts are showing flowers.

With planting done, all that’s left is weeding, pruning, dead heading, mowing, edging and watering. That’s the reality of a  garden, but it’s fun for me.

Blooming Solomon Seal and Lupine

Solomon Seal are blooming along with my Lupine.

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