Beacon Hill Garden Turning Heads

Beacon Hill Garden Spring 2013

Beacon Hill Garden Spring 2013

You can tell by reactions of people walking by that the Beacon Hill Garden is thriving.

Many heads turn, others stop and stare, and a few long-time neighbors offer compliments. Nearly all smile at the garden full of texture, color and life. Just five years ago, the backyard looked like a parking lot.

The garden is established but far from mature. More asphalt needs to go, which is labor-intensive work. Disposing of the remnants is half the battle.

Then there’s adding good soil back in. Last spring we spread four cubic yards of fresh soil. Some plants loved the nutrients so much we’ll be rearranging this fall. Plants getting too big is a new problem on Beacon Hill, and it shows how far we’ve come from a parking lot.

Beacon Hill Garden 2013-2

Beacon Hill Garden 2013-2

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