Two Plants Crank Out Dozens of Tasty Pineberries

The West Seattle Garden isn’t known for edibles, but the Pineberries have been a summer highlight. Credit goes to Curtis for growing them.



Pineberries are also known as Pineapple Strawberries. The plants look a lot like strawberries and so does the fruit, but the fruit is smaller and remains white even when ripe.

The fruit tastes just like a pineapple infused strawberry. The plump ripe berries are sweet with a hint of bitterness. It’s tougher to know when they’re ripe, because the fruit doesn’t change color.

All the recent garden visitors have tried them, and reviews are enthusiastically positive. With a unique tasty treat, garden tours are a little more fun.

Curtis bought the plants at Seattle Tilth May Edible Plant Sale. He wasn’t happy about the crowded sale, but was excited to buy these strange plants. I admit to being less than enthusiastic because my one-year experiment growing strawberries yielded invasive plants and no berries.

Curtis was not deterred by my attitude. He dug out a round plastic pot from the shed. He placed the potted Pineberries on our front walk, which is a rare sunny spot.

Pineberry Plant

Pineberry Plant (photos by Constance Kwinn)

To my surprise, the plants tripled in size in just over a month. At the beginning of July, they started producing ripe fruit. The two plants have pumped out at least a dozen Pineberries each week, and are still going strong into August.

Constance Kwinn took these Pineberry photos Aug. 5.

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