Lots of Color, Lots of Blooms: Hiemalis Begonias

Hiemalis Begonia

The Hiemalis Begonia is a cross between a traditional Begonia and a Wax Begonia.

I started growing Hiemalis Begonias last year, and they are quickly climbing my unofficial favorite flower chart. Two of my three porch Begonias are Hiemalis this summer.

Yellow Hiemalis Begonia

Deadheading Hiemalis Begonias can be a challenge because the blooms are so thick.

A cross between Wax and traditional Begonias, I adore their abundant small colorful blooms that keep going all summer. Deadheading can be a challenge, because blooms become so thick and tightly packed. I have to be careful not to pull a bunch when I’m after just one dead one.

Keep them moist. My Hiemalis were doing well in pots on my porch until I went on vacation, and Curtis “forgot” to water them. The heat got them, and they never regained form.

They’re a bit pricy at $4 each for an annual, but I just read that they can be indoor plants. Next year, I plan to keep them alive indoors over winter months.

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