Astrantia is Summer’s Garden Star


This Astrantia started blooming in early June and still has flowers into October.

A move from a dry shady spot to a moist sunny spot brought out the best in my Astrantia this summer.

Astrantia 2

Astrantia means star in Greek. It is a member of the Parsley family, as  leaves resemble Italian Parsley.

In its new spot, the Astrantia tripled in size and threw out three stems of star-like flowers in early June. The stems are a good foot above the plant, so the flowers look like floating stars above it.

If you like a perennial that flowers for a long time, Astrantia is an excellent choice. I cut the first stems in early August, and two new stems of flowers shot up in two weeks. Astrantia flowers hold their pretty form as they die and dry, so I still have flowers into October.

Commonly known as Great Masterwort, Astrantia means star in Greek. Astrantia is actually a herb in the parsley family, as its leaves look somewhat like Italian parsley.

My plant came from the Beacon Hill Garden. I read that Astrantia should be divided every two to three years in spring, so I’ll give it one more year before the roots need thinning.

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