Faster Fall Leads to Heavy Duty Garden Work

Solomon's Seal has a wonderful Fall fade, but heavy early September rains made them disappear faster than usual.

Solomon’s Seal has a wonderful Fall fade, but early September rains made them disappear faster than usual.

Heavy late summer rains hammered my garden, which led to a fast fall fade for plants, flowers and trees.

We have incredibly dry summers around Puget Sound, with rain usually easing in around mid October. Hardier plants keep blooming up to Thanksgiving. Not this year, as an “Ark Builder” showed up in early September. The excessive rain beat the hell out of my plants.

The abbreviated fall meant I spent less time enjoying my garden and more time working in it. Projects finished so far include:

White Hydrangea

My White Hydrangea is one of the last to bloom, but it changes color beautifully and keeps its flowers into lat fall.

1)   Digging up and breaking apart Solomon’s Seal tubers from my front garden. After five years, the tubers were packed tightly and sticking out the ground. I replanted some in fresh compost, replaced a tired Lady Fern in back with others, and gave the rest to my friend Brick Kane for his new garden. Solomon’s Seal adds attractive height to dry shade beds.

2)   Dug up and divided five mature Hostas from my fern bed. Tree roots infiltrated the tubers, so I dug them up. I used a shovel to divide the Hostas, cleaned out the roots, and planted some back with compost. The leftovers were planted in two different gardens.

3)   Started converting the east end of my back sun bed from annuals to perennials. I’m excited to grow Torch Lilies, as they’ll add needed height with color to the bed.

One of the advantages of gardening near Puget Sound is the ground rarely freezes. This increases perennial variety, and we can garden all year. Perennials planted in fall get a big boost because roots grow throughout winter.

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