Spring 2014: Different Weather, Familiar Start

Wood Spurge Euphorbia

The Wood Spurge Euphorbia is starting to bloom in my front yard at the end of winter. It’s the second blooming perennial of 2014 after my Helleborus Lenten Rose. The Euphorbia’s leaves stays green all winter.

Two record cold snaps and late-winter rain have created a surprisingly average start to Havigarden 2014.

Records lows were recorded in November and early February. Plants that usually stay green throughout winter took a hit. Some disappeared completely, while others look pretty rough. The jury’s out on how well they’ll bounce back this spring.

Heavy February and March rains made up for some of the cold. Most of my perennials are pushing through the soil, and are off to a healthy start. I just gave them a dose of compost, which helps perennials collect nutrients and moisture. Compost also keeps them warm on cold spring nights. My Helleborus Lenten Rose and Wood Spurge Euphorbia are already blooming.

The cold had a redeeming quality. Freezing temperatures naturally thinned out some of the overgrown ground cover. Ground cover was growing out of control after consecutive mild winters. The thinning will save back in April, which is already hurting from edging and enlarging my backyard sun bed last week.

Note to self: work your way into gardening, and don’t try to get it all done at once.

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2 Responses to Spring 2014: Different Weather, Familiar Start

  1. potsdamsr says:

    Where  exactly  are  you in Seattle, Havi?   We  are  coming  next  May   on  our  way  to Bremerton  and would  love  to  see  you.

     Anne  J

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