Annuals: Monkey Flower’s Fleeting Beauty

Annual Monkey Flower

Few plants can match the beauty of an annual Monkey Flower. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck growing this one.

Few plants can match the beauty of a blooming annual Monkey Flower, also known as Mimulus. This Monkey Flower threw out these gorgeous blooms two weeks after planting.

My history with Monkey Flowers is not good. They bloom for a month, then dry up and die. I swear them off, because they’re expensive at $3 to $4 each. But every three years, their beauty seduces me, and I break down and buy one.

This Monkey Flower is planted in a spot with more shade and moisture than my past failures. It looks great now, but it has yet to pass the longevity test. I did plant a perennial Monkey Flower last year in dry shady soil. It’s blooms aren’t nearly as spectacular, but it came back for more this year.

This post marks the return of my blog. I’ve been away studying photography and Photoshop. I’ve also been focusing on the Havigarden Facebook page, which is filling out nicely.

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