Begonias: Annuals at a Price

Traditional Begonia

This traditional Begonia will look great for six months on my porch. It has doubled in size in six weeks.

Annuals can provide inexpensive color to any garden. Or, you can spend a bunch on annuals that will take your breath away. When planting Begonias, I buy cheap ones for the garden, but spend more for fancy ones on my porch.

Waxed Begonias

Waxed Begonias are perfect for this dry shady bed that gets hot late afternoon summer sun.

Begonias are my second favorite annual. I purchase planting packs of Waxed Begonias that go in the ground. Costing as little as $1.09 for four at a spring sale, Waxed Begonias provide a summer of color, and can take both sun and shade without excessive watering. If we have a mild winter, they will come back for a second or third summer.

On the flip side, I spend up to $4.50 each for smaller traditional or Hiemalis Begonias. I buy three every year for my north-facing porch. These Begonias provide stunning color for six months, and receive praise from most visitors. If you want to buy bigger traditional Begonias, you can spend a whole lot more.

A funny note about annuals: When I first started gardening, I would be bummed when I saw the huge annuals on commercial properties. I wondered what I was doing wrong. It took me a couple of years to realize the commercial annuals were being raised in green houses. I could buy the same thing, but I’d have to pay a lot more for the plants. I’d rather raise them myself.

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