Garden Guru Was Right: Hebe Would Bloom

Red-Edge Hebe Blooms

These are the first blooms from Red-Edge Hebe. I planted it six years ago.

I was telling my garden guru Rich Cromer last summer how my Red-Edge Hebe was a seriously tough evergreen plant. It was twice as big as I imagined and has great uniform blue-green foliage. But, it doesn’t bloom.

“It’ll bloom eventually, give it a little more time,” he said. After I told him I planted the Hebe five years ago, he assured me it would eventually bloom.

Red-Edge Hebe

My Red-Edge Hebe provides great evergreen foliage to my front yard. It grows in less than ideal conditions.

This June, my Red-Edge Hebe produced 11 tiny blooms. They weren’t an outstanding garden feature, but I think they are beautiful.

Before the blooms, the Hebe was already one of my favorite front-yard plants. It flourishes in neglected soil under the porch roof’s overhang. Facing north, it enjoys little sunlight, moisture or nutrients. I like it so much, I planted two more tiny Hebes last fall in similar conditions.

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