Impatiens: My Favorite Annual

Impatiens on my porch

These Impatiens will provide color for my porch all summer and fall.

There are few things I love more than a simple pot of Impatiens, my favorite annual. They burst color from when I plant them in May until they die around Halloween.

The Impatiens pictured above and soil cost about $1 at the local garden center. I like how they are far from perfect, muck like my gardening skills. Consistent watering is the key to sustained growth.

They love the shade, and it pains me when I see Impatiens planted on commercial properties in the sun next to Geraniums. They’re fried, small and unhappy plants with little color.

Even those who say they don’t like Impatiens admit they look fabulous in my garden by late summer. That’s when they provide a glowing carpet of color to my shade beds.

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