University Village: Gardening Beyond Commercial Plants

University Village gardens1

University Village is an upscale outdoor shopping center with excellent gardens.

I’m not a shopper, but if Curtis drags me out, I prefer University Village in Seattle. It isn’t the stores; it’s the plants and gardens that attract me to the outdoor shopping center.

It was brunch with Curtis’s parents that pulled us out to U Village Sunday morning. Exhausted from a long hike Saturday, and a lack of morning coffee, I was a bit cranky. After eating, Curtis wanted to hit a few stores, so I let him go and pulled out my phone and started shooting photos.

University Village garden2

I love how some hanging baskets use plants not usually found in commercial gardens.

My mood improved considerably when I discovered there’s real gardening at U Village. I already knew it had outstanding plants. What I learned is U Village makes the financial and physical effort to nurture a garden. Many of Seattle’s commercial districts sport beautiful hanging baskets full of annuals or ornamental perennials. U Village has some of the best.

What is different is the willingness to create garden space in areas that most facilities leave empty. A hillside usually left bare is full of perennials, a shady spot has unique hanging baskets, and I found not-so-commercial permanent residents including Lavender, Bear’s Breeches and ornamental grasses. All of those are in my garden.

If you aren’t much of a shopper and your significant other is, go to U Village. At least you can enjoy the outstanding gardens.

University Village garden3

If you don’t like shopping, go to University Village in Seattle where you can enjoy the gardens that have great plant variety.


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