Bugbane and Hydrangea Flowers Fade and Dry Nicely

Dried Bugbane flower

This a dried White Bugbane flower. The plant was in full bloom two months ago.

Keeping with the dying plant theme, two of my December favorites are the White Bugbane and what I call a traditional Hydrangea. Their flowers have great form as they dry and fade away on the stem.

The plants reside next to each other along my back fence. The Hydrangea is a shrub, while the Bugbane is one of the biggest perennials in my garden. The Hydrangea hits its blooming peak in July, while the Bugbane’s brush-like flowers bloom in October.

Each plant is about five feet tall with healthy foliage. They give a thin garden strip needed height and volume. I’ll prune them back in January. Hydrangeas only bloom off of wood from the previous year, so when you cut them back, make sure to leave some wood on the stems.

Dried Hydrangea Blooms

These Hydrangea blooms in my garden go from blue to green to pink to brown.By December, there is just a  little pink left.

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