Top 2015 Havigarden Facebook Photos: 5-11

With the year ending soon, it’s time to showcase my most popular Havigarden Facebook flower photos of 2014. This post will feature 5-11 in popularity. I’ll post the top 5 next week. I’ll also post my five favorites that didn’t make the list.

All photos are original to my Havigarden Facebook page and appear for the first time here on the Havigarden blog. Each of the 11 photos had more than 100 views in 2015. That’s a good showing, because my page has 118 likes.

I’m guessing less than a fourth of the photos made the 100 club this year. You can’t see how many views a picture receives, but I can because I’m the Facebook page administrator. You can see how many likes each photo received.

If you haven’t been to the Havigarden Facebook page in a while (or if ever), click here and check out all the flowers. You don’t need to be a Facebook member to view them. I’ve learned that some of most popular photos are not my favorites. I took all the photos except one in the first group.

Lavender Mist Meadow Rue

8. (tie) With 104 views, this Lavender Mist Meadow Rue debuted Dec. 17, five months after blooming. I was able to focus tightly on the middle flowers so blooms in the foreground and background are blurred. Guilty of being a photo nerd. It’s easier to shoot up on these flowers because they’re about seven feet tall. This is another personal favorite.


8. (tie) The Nandina at the end of my driveway also comes in with 104 page views. Posted Dec. 11, Curtis took this photo. A tall Asian shrub, the Nandina has a great Christmas look throughout winter. It is fairly common in Seattle. Nandinas need sun.

Rare Columbine

8. (tie) The third photo with 104 views, this rare Columbine is a British flower according to the owner. I took this picture with my iPhone while walking home. I posted it May 16. It’s not the best photo, but it’s the most unique flower. I had never seen a Columbine anything like this.


7. The Rhododendron in my front yard totaled 105 views. I posted three pictures of this classic Northwest blooming shrub May 8, so I chose to showcase my favorite. If you live here, the Rhododendron is common. If you don’t, it’s the most beautiful bush known to man. The blooms are plentiful, big and beautiful.

Cyclone Gaillardias

6. With 114 views, I posted these Gaillardias with the caption “Go Cyclones” on July 30. Thanks to Kristi Gordon Eberhardt for identifying this perennial that grows in the Beacon Hill garden. Not my best photo, but I’m an Iowa Stater, as are many who like the Havigarden Facebook page. I posted it when we are all anticipating the football season. Thank God hoops is here, because our football team sucked, again. Go State!

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