Gardening 2015: Blooming Cyclamen in January

Blooming Cyclamen in January

Planted in March 2014, these red and white Cyclamen are blooming on my porch this January.

Already hit a 2015 gardening goal: January flowers on my porch. This is the first time one of my established plants bloomed during the bleakest gardening month.

My red and white Cyclamen are sporting colorful flowers, which standout on a nearly empty porch. The blooms almost didn’t happen, as a New Year’s cold snap just about took the plants out.

Potted in late March, the Cyclamen bloomed abundantly last spring and into early summer. Heat can kill them, so I moved these to a shady and cool corner, where the leaves stayed healthy. A few red blooms surprised me in October, and the white flowers came out in force around Christmas. More blooms are on the way.

During our two cold snaps, I put the Cyclamen under a chair and covered them with my grandma’s old and pink and green blanket. Grandma would be proud that beat-up blanket is preserving my flowers. Judging from her home in Delhi, NY when I was young, she loved plants, flowers and a green world.

Weather note: a normal winter cold snap in Seattle is lows in the 20s and highs in the 30s for three to five days. Growing up in the Midwest, that’s nice winter weather, and in some years, it’s almost balmy.


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