Here’s to Finding a New Garden


Juanito the Garden Cat moved to Vashon. He loved to sit out front in summer. His coat blended in with the dried out grass so people and pets walking by rarely noticed him.



We said goodbye to Juanito the Garden Cat yesterday. He moved with his owner and sister to Vashon Island. We were neighbors.

I first met him as a kitten. His owner called him Austin. I’d be gardening out back, and he’d duck under the fence and watch me. In the morning, I’d look out back and see him running around the garden. He genuinely enjoyed the garden as much as me.

Two months from introduction, he let me touch him. That’s when he met Curtis, who gave him the name Juanito. Juanito progressed from garden cat to porch cat to in-our-house cat. For three years, he visited many times daily. He didn’t overstay his welcome, and never made a mess. Usually some loving was exchanged before he happily moved along.

We’ve known for two months that Juanito was moving. So did he. Last week, I was pulling weeds out back when he ducked under the fence just to watch. It was a great garden good bye. We miss our friend, but are happy to know you. Here’s to Juanito finding a new friend in a garden on Vashon.

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