I’m Steve Haviland and I started Havigarden.com in the spring of 2012 to capture the beauty and growth of two Seattle gardens. I’m the gardener in West Seattle, and my partner Curtis and his mother are the gardeners on Beacon Hill. Both started as unspectacular properties and have evolved into gardens full of plants, color and life. All nice gardens take hard work, but they’re well worth the living beauty.

My blog also features gardens and plants outside of the two gardens. When I travel, I like to visit gardens or areas where plants and flowers grow. Sometimes my garden travels are just around my neighborhood, or within the Puget Sound region. One of the reasons I love living here is I can garden 12 months a year because of our mild winters.

West Seattle Garden – My garden started in November 2005 with nice established trees, unruly shrubs, a lousy lawn and weeds. But, the property had potential. It’s mostly a shade garden, with much of the sun space suffering from dry soil conditions. Today, the garden contains more than 100 different plants and herbs that fill the front yard, backyard, sides, porch and house.

West Seattle Garden

Welcome to my West Seattle. That’s me reading a book in the shade.

Beacon Hill Garden – Started in 2009, the backyard was an asphalt slab. That summer, they started removing patches of asphalt, taking out the gravel below, and amending the soil. Trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals were planted. It’s an unusually sunny and warm garden by Seattle standards. This garden includes vegetables.

Beacon Hill Garden 8-13-1

The Beacon Hill gardener is proud of the beautiful color in her backyard.

One writing note: I purposely capitalize plant names as I want them to stand out.

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